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Typing and keyboarding

Learning to type is just as important today as knowing how to write by hand. It is no different than learning a new language and it will take practice. Everyone starts out typing by looking at the keyboard and plucking away with one or two fingers. But this is not an efficient way to type. We can all improve our keyboarding skills by practicing.

By learning to type better and faster, you will be able to finish your work faster and more accurate. You will be more employable. And the frustration of early computer learning will be lessened.

First, you need to learn the basics. Test your typing speed from time to time to track your progress. The average one minute typing speed, for most casual typists, is around 41 words per minute. There are whole online and even college course geared towards typing skills.

typing- 21st century learning

Here are some great examples of free, online keyboarding lessons. Visit each page and see how it works. For your activity, you will try out four of them, but right now, just visit the website and see the different features they offer.


Activity 15: Keyboarding

  1. Try out 4 keyboarding activities on websites listed above.
  2. Create a blog post sharing the results of the 4 keyboarding activities. How did you do? What can you work on to improve your skills?

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